The Killer

The Killer

Nikhil is a happy-go-lucky man who wants to enjoy life to the fullest but for that doesn't shy away from working extra hard. He wants to earn lot of money in lot lesser time but for that he doesn't take any shortcut that goes against the law. Instead he chooses to work round the clock by handling two jobs in the day time and driving a cab in the night. All this and more to earn so much in life that he can own a private travel agency of his own and give his girlfriend Rhea [Nisha Kothari], a comfortable life. Rhea is a girl who is a bar dancer by profession but is in Dubai with a purpose of revenge in her mind!

Life moves on for Nikhil and Rhea when the entry of Vickram changes the course of their direction. He enters Nikhil's cab as just one of those dozens of passengers who hail his cab daily. But soon it is revealed that Vickram is a much bigger, stronger, powerful and dangerous man than any of the passengers whom Nikhil had dropped to their destinations.

Vickram turns out to be THE KILLER who kills, tortures and uses people for his own benefits and because of this reason is in the list of MOST WANTED CRIMINALS by none other than INTERPOL!

And today is the fateful day when Vickram is out on a mission. A mission that requires him to eliminate a number of people in the course of one single night. And Nikhil turns out to be the chosen one. The man who is assigned the responsibility of assisting Vickram in roaming around the town, kill people, return back to the cab, only to be dropped to his next destination.

All this and more with not a single question being asked to Nikhil about his own willingness to be unduly part of this deadly game!

Nikhil is horribly trapped and can't find a way to pull out of this mis-adventure. The more he tries to get out of it, the more he get trapped in by THE KILLER. He begs, he fights, he retaliates, he schemes – but all to no avail as Vickram doesn't have any intentions to let him go before his mission is through.

And now even Rhea gets caught into this whirlpool where both she along with Nikhil become sitting ducks for Vickram!

How does Nikhil, a commoner and an ordinary man, come out of this situation?
Does he himself get into trouble in an attempt to be heroic?
Or does he let the brutal happenings around him continue as before without a word being said?

From mind to body to soul, Nikhil starts transforming himself into a personality that could counter attack the man sitting on a seat behind!

With danger looming large over his own life, he is left with only one choice – BECOME A KILLER!

As the clock continues to tick by and minutes turn into hours, an exciting adventure follows that promises to keep the viewer on the edge of the seat. Directed by debutant 'jodi' of Hasnain Hyderabadwala & Raksha Mistry, 'THE KILLER' is a Mukesh Bhatt film with music by Sajid Wajid. The film is getting readied for a mid-July release!


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