Berlin Film Festival.

Berlin Film Festival selects Om Shanti Om

The Berlinale Special shows, as part of the official programme, works of contemporary filmmakers that the festival honours.
The festival shows extraordinary new productions to honour great cinema personalities by showing their films and to immerse audiences in cinematic history by screening film classics.
Films which deserve special attention due to current events can also be shown as part of the
Berlinale Special.



Furthermore the programme presents films in honour of those who receive a Berlinale Camera,
films by or about outstanding persons of film whom the festival feels especially attached to.


Om Shanti Om is among 11 films selected this year.  Directed by Farha Khan and produced by Gauri Khan, Om Shanti Om stars superstar Shah Rukh Khan, glamorous Deepika Padukone, debonair Arjun Rampal and talented Shreyas Talpade.


The film will have a German Premiere at the festival on 8th February, 8:00pm at Kino Internazionale attended by Shah Rukh Khan.  Eros International will be releasing Om Shanti Om theatrically in Germany soon after the Berlin Film Festival.



 Om Shanti Om