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Today on International Women’s Day we pay tribute to Princess Sophia Jindan Alexandra Duleep Singh, 1876-1948. The granddaughter of  Maharaja Ranjit Singh (known as the Lion Of Punjab), the daughter of Maharaja Duleep Singh and the god daughter of Queen Victoria herself. Sofia was a fashion icon in high society and a favourite of the […]

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This week for Throwback Thursday we are going right back to the golden days of Punjabi folk with Surinder Kaur. She was also known as “The Koyal (Nightingale) of Punjab” in her career spanning over nearly six decades! Surinder Kaur achieved more than many of the female artists of today recording over 2000 songs. She sung […]

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Relatively Easy Slimming Technique INCREASE YOUR ENERGY LEVELS, LOSE THOSE EXTRA POUNDS AND FOCUS YOUR MIND ON YOUR HEALTH GOALS. Relatively Easy Slimming Technique  Increase your energy levels, lose those extra pounds and focus your mind on your health goals.    We know what happens when we put the wrong fuel into our car. Would […]

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This week for #ThrowbackThursday we bring you a classic from 1993. Amarjit Sidhu’s cover version of “Sar Par Topi Laal” from his album Kamalee 2. This album was jam packed with hits such as Loverman, Chana Meh Tera Naa Bhul Gai, and of course Sar Par Topi Laal! Amarjit Sidhu has made an enormous contribution […]

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Todays #TuesdayMotivation comes in the form of a Hindi film song, “Rothe Hue Aate Hai Sab” from the 1978 hit film Muqaddar Ka Sikander. Acted wonderfully well by Amitabh Bachchan, and  sung beautifully by Kishore Kumar, it discusses how we all come into this world crying, but the one who leaves with a smile of […]

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Yes, its that time of the week again #ThrowbackThursday! Today also being a very special day in being  350th Guru Gobind Singh Ji de Parkash Poorab we are bringing you this very special song which Gurdas Maan has sung in tribute to our 10th Guru. The song Sarbans Daaniyaan Ve, begins by singing about how […]

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Research has shown that people who remember positive events have a higher success rate than those who remember negative events. Most people have had many positive things happen in their lives. Many great experiences. However, it is the minds tendency to remember the negative events more. Negative experiences can carry more emotional weight and therefore […]

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2016 has been  wonderful year for the Punjabi Sikh community worldwide. We bring you our Top Positive Punjabi  news stories of 2016. Top humanitarian is Ravi Singh from Khalsa Aid Ravi Singh is a Sikh representing globally the face of Sikhism today. Khalsa Aid is a  humanitarian organisation working globally to help people from all […]

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The last Throwback of the year has to be an extra special one. This lyrical master piece that has inspired us and speaks the truths of life throughout the decades. It is the one and only “Challa” by Gurdas Mann. This song was originally released in the film Long Da Lishkara back in 1986. Since then […]

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Its #ThrowbackThursday and we are taking uou back to 1994 “Kali Pag Te Sitare Lakeh” by Safri Boys. Sit back, listen and enjoy!   Song: Kali Pag Te Sitare Lakeh Album: Get Real Year: 1994 Label: Multitone Records