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Gurdas Maan, The Final Chapter UK Tour 2017 . The Spiritual Revolutionary!

Gurdas Maan

The Final Chapter UK Tour 2017

The Spiritual Revolutionary

Firsty, I would like to thank on behalf of Punjab 2000 and the Punjabi population of the UK, Gurdas Mann, Gurrick Maan, Ashok Suman and the whole team at UK Box Office for this year’s Innovation Tour. The team have worked tirelessly to deliver a quality show.

In what has proved to be a tragic week in this country, Gurdas Maan message has become even more poignant.

What will become of the world?

When will people learn to love each other?

When will people stop mixing politics with religion?

When will religious authorities stop confusing the minds of the youth?

I would like to finish this little journey into the art of this multifaceted genius Gurdas Maan with, what is in my humble opinion, the world’s most important topic – self-realisation.

They say that the whole purpose of life is self-realisation. The purpose of life is to understand yourself, understand life and let the two spontaneously merge. This is obviously not a topic that is exclusive to the east. Over two and a half thousand years ago, the great philosopher Socrates, is credited with the famous saying ‘know thyself’.

Unfortunately, in my experience there is no real guidance or instruction that can help a person to ‘know thyself’. I have only come across one that really hits the mark. Although, there are many thousands of books written, in so many different languages, using some many different religions as a foundation there lacks a clear structured approach. The clear scientific steps that are needed for any individual to adopt are missing. No wonder in modern times, when true spirituality is needed most, more and more of the youth are identifying themselves as atheists. The religious spiritual traditions, of the past, no longer serve man in our current contemporary culture. The concepts are strange to say the least. There is no real research into the potential of the human being. It is clear for all to see that political and religious models are outdated. So, how are we to uncover and unlock the dormant potential that exists in us? Two questions immediately come to mind.

The first, why would somebody actually want it? For millennia this search has gone on. This search for god, the search for god inside us. What is the motivation for these people to embark on this adventure. An adventure as we had mentioned before that is full of mystery, intrigue, misdirection, misinformation. An adventure that seems to be riddled with peril.

Well, in all the spiritual traditions, when you look closely enough. the purpose of life is this. The whole point of existence. We are not here to simply reproduce, earn money, get a mortgage, pass the time in mindless recreation and then die. Our human potential offers us more. The purpose of life is to meet and merge with God in this life spontaneously, then live and develop this relationship.

Using the word GOD can often be misleading. To use a more generic term we can look at using LIFE. Life has its own evolutionary flow. Life flows towards love, prosperity, and abundance. If we look at nature we sense  that there is an underlying intelligence that holds everything in perfect harmony. Look at how the rain nourishes the land, the waters then roll into streams, into rivers and  into the ocean. Then the waters evaporate into the sky, as it forms clouds and it rains again. You can feel the sun gives light and heat to the whole planet, providing unlimited energy for every living being in the world to thrive. Life is naturally abundant.


For example, just take a glance at the human being, an absolute miracle. However, when we lose contact with nature, we lose connection with this intelligence, then illness can occur. At a basic level the first step is to reconnect, spontaneous healing has been evidenced in many, many, cases. We can then, continue to grow and reach our true potential.

The second pertinent question that comes to mind is, how would someone go about it?

Gurdas Maan in his song ‘Maston ka Jhoomna’ offers us some interesting insights. The song can be heard at 35 minutes, on the album Dil Hona Chahida Jawaan.

The theme of this song (in my humble opinion) is ‘Self Realisation through Joy’. Many people have wrongly accused Gurdas of promoting a drink and drug culture by using the word ‘Mast’. This is wide off the mark. Anyone who has any inkling of spiritual matters would know full well that this is not the intention. Joy, in itself, is often the doorway into a new dimension of living.

The dance of the joyful isn’t less than those who adhere to strict rituals.

Traditionally in eastern religious traditions there is a very ritualistic and often unscientific approach. In today’s modern age humanistic psychology and quantum mechanics are pointing us in a new radical direction. They suggest that we are actually a part of what it is we are looking for.

Carl Jung, the pioneer of analytical psychology, says.

“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens.”

In this song Gurdas says

“Just as butter is hidden in milk, the lover (life/god) is hidden in the heart,

To find him, to search him out is your duty not his.”

Just like we have to churn the milk to make butter, the spirit has to be drawn out. It is a matter of clearing our subconscious and allowing the subconscious and conscious minds to work in harmony. When these two parts of the mind align, holistic thinking occurs and we can begin to reach our potential.

Carl Jung goes on to say

“Until you make your unconscious, conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

If we can relax our minds enough we can get in tune with it rather easily. A little courage and conviction is needed but the results are almost instant. The benefits of living in a relaxed mindful whole mind state, are documented as healing, a sense of well being and an innate joy is found. If, we can open our eyes, ears and emotions to the world around us, we will see a different world that exists around us. Despite what the naysayers, doom mongers and media try and make us believe. This world is an almost heavenly experience. Just spend a day or two in nature and you will begin to perceive it. In contrast, to this connection with life and nature, people go to many type of temples, mosques and religious places. Gurdas explains that visiting The Kaaba (Muslim holy place, religious center) or Kaasi (Hindu holy place), although important, it isn’t the essence of life.

To worship and search for your lover (God/Life) in your heart is no less.

This is revolutionary thinking and with this thought I leave you. May you connect with the spirit inside you. I pray that you churn this life and spirit and let it overflow into every area of your life. May your lives be blessed and hearts drenched with love.

Thanks again Mr Gurdas Maan, Living Legend, Social reformer, Advocate for women’s rights, Innovator and Spiritual Revolutionary.

Thank you for the wisdom, the insights, the humanity, the passion, the Punjabiyat and the inspiration for higher living. Until we all meet again.

Idea & Concept by Punjab2000.com
Written By Ranjeev Singh Sidhu
(Author & Spiritual Scientist)