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Pure Bollywood Remixes

Pure Bollywood Remixes Vol.1 & 2 CD & DVD

Accompanied by a DVD of some of the most popular ever Hindi tracks, Bollywood Remixes Vol. 1 and 2, is a must have for all the Hindi music lovers.


This album not only tempts the stereotypical fan of Bollywood but also aims to seduce the hardcore Bolly fanatic into trying something o bit risqué, as well as giving the dhol freaks a bit of Hindi holiday.


Overall this is a very good compilation of very popular songs like

"Kyu Khoob Lagti Ho" and "Pyar Zindagi Hai".

  Pure Bollywood Remixes

In terms of what the album is, being very popular and rightly so, a good deal of quality work exists throughout the album.

There is plenty of Garam Masala to dance to on tracks like "Rangeela Re" and "Kanta Laga” and even a few romantic ones to play at the wedding hall to make a Shaadi Number 1 with smash hits like "Mein Nazar Hoi Tujhpe", remixed by the very talented DJ Suketu. So get your dance routines and background dancers ready this summer Bolly is the new Black.