Carol says shilpa bullying is NOT racist

Carol Malone says Shilpa bullying

‘is NOT racist’ and explains

why Shilpa would never go for Dirk.

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Big Brother evictee Carol Malone speaks to Adil Ray on the Asian Network and acknowledges that although Shilpa is being bullied it is not racist.  Big Brother did confirm that Jade’s boyfriend Jack called Shilpa the ‘C word’ and that Danielle called her ‘a dog’.    
Speaking to BBC Asian Network, Carol explained the bullying started when she was leaving and believes it is not racist, but because Shilpa ‘is too good looking for her own good’. Carol advised Shilpa that the younger girls, Jo, Jade and Danielle were just exhibiting signs of girly rivalry and shouldn’t be worried about.   Carol says ‘She’s an incredibly powerful and beautiful woman. 
(Shilpa) is a very strong, woman and can handle it. I spoke to her about it when I was in the house”. Speaking about Shilpa’s feelings on the bullying Carol said, “Shilpa feels that she represents the Indian/ Asian community and doesn’t want to let them or herself down by retaliating. She’s a very dignified woman and she doesn’t want to lose it.
That’s why she’s desperately trying to keep it all together”.  When asked who was going to win Carol predicted, “I think it’s going to be Cleo.  This thing with Shilpa may well rock her popularity, she’s already very popular, she could be a very close second”.  On the subject of Dirk and Shilpa she responded, “No, there is nothing at all between Dirk and Shilpa.  We spoke about this. She wants to marry a guy from India.  Although she likes him she says ‘He’s nearly as old as my dad’”.   
When asked about her decision to join the Big Brother house after much criticism of reality shows Carol explained, “I’m a journalist man!  Every journalist in the Western world would pay good money to get into there!…To be right in the middle of that is very useful”. She declined to answer how much she got paid to be in the house, although she did confirm it was “a lot!”
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