Action sequences in Akshay Kumar’s Baby shot with Octocopter Drone + No Songs in Baby

Action sequences in Akshay Kumar’s Baby shot with Octocopter Drone


With the amount of technological advancements made globally, everything around the world has become easier. Filmmaking is no different. Akshay Kumar’s forthcoming release, slick action thriller Baby, is the first film to use Octocopter Drone to film the movie’s action sequences.


Difficult and extremely complicated, the Baby team shot in adverse conditions across the deserts of Abu Dhabi. Director Neeraj Pandey made effective use of the cutting age technology to capture the gritty action scenes in the film.

Baby has been generating phenomenal buzz since its trailer release and has upped the anticipation prior to its opening in cinemas. Talking about the use of this drone, DOP, Sudeep Chatterjee says, “Cutting-edge technology has expanded the imagination of filmmakers today. Virtually impossible live-action sequences are now achievable thanks to devices like the Octocopter. Neeraj and I were clear that we wanted a particular sequence in the desert to be as real as possible but the terrain did not permit the use of normal cameras. What we have achieved with the use of this drone was a revelation to all of us.”


No Songs in Akshay Kumar’s Baby


Director Neeraj Pandey continues to make films in a rather unconventional manner. The man responsible for some amazing thrillers has adopted a rather international approach to his forthcoming film, Baby, and decided to do away with the songs.


The director feels that a film’s main purpose is to engage audiences into its story. Given that Baby is a slick, espionage thriller heavy on gruelling action sequences and stunts, a song was never required or appropriate. Some films do demand the usual song and dance routines but as directors continue to break from the norm and defy the stereotypic formula used in Bollywood, Indian films will definitely have a stronger international presence.

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