Keith Richards has said music is a language that doesn’t speak in particular words. It speaks in emotion, and if it’s in the bones, it’s in the bones. In light of the current music scene where music is created for commercial purposes chasing social media validation, Roach Killa and Blitz, two amazing artists with hit tracks on world charts, have come together to create music with a purpose – the YYZ Project. They are all set to launch a monologue and three music videos through Canada’s premier South Asian Urban music platform- desiFEST. This a FREE DOWNLOAD for fans and will be available via www.desiFEST.ca/roach-blitz

YYZ is the airport code for Toronto’s Pearson International Airport. The name pays homage to not only their Toronto roots but also symbolizes the fact they needed to travel internationally in order to build their careers.

There is  no big features, no industry politics, and no fake social media hype. It’s simply the duo doing what they do best…having fun and delivering rap lyrics.

“Over the last few years, desiFEST has worked relentlessly to provide a unique platform for South Asian music aficionados in all major cities of Canada to showcase their talent. We are continuing this mandate by collaborating with artists on their projects and helping to bring new music to North America and the world” says Sathish Bala, CEO desiFEST MUSIC.

When Roach Killa released his debut album “The Revolution”, it peaked at No.6 on the iTunes World Charts. His first single Yaara Dildara reached No1 on the BBC Asian Network charts. Possessing immense versatility, Roach sings Hip Hop, Reggae, RNB and Punjabi Music. He firmly believes in the element of originality.

When it comes to Indian MC’s, one name that always stood above the rest is Blitzkrieg aka Blitz. With an appeal that is global, his lyrics lean more on the emotional side and completely draw people in. His tracks are inspired by people or events in his life that reflect reality and meaning of life.

Together, Roach Killa and Blitz are back again to give fans the YYZ Project with a monologue and three music videos that evoke, inspire and entertain. Fans will recognize their signature sound and style on what aims to become the summer anthems.