Veer Ji - New Single to Ask for Respect for Musicians and DJ's

Veer Ji – New Single to Ask for Respect for Musicians and DJ’s

This 2012 is going to be exciting for Britain with the Olympics and the Queens Jubilee. For Britain’s foremost exponent of British Bhangra music, King G Mall 2012 marks the release of a cheerful and honest song for all celebrations in this year and the future.  

The single called  ‘Veer Ji’ is all about giving respect to the musicians in bands and DJ’s who play the music for parties across the Universe.“Veer Ji” , is an ode to the DJ and Dhol players who sadly do not get the praise they should, for no fault of their own. But for being the brunt of drunk Uncle ji’s or youngsters who cannot see the passion and hard work it takes to DJ at an event or play the Dhol for the happiness of the family.In  the last 10 years, the Asian DJ business and the art of playing the Dhol in Britain has risen to amazing levels which is great to see the ingenuity and passion some of the youth have about starting a business. The passion behind playing music as a DJ and Dhol payer also allows both young and old to engage with their culture as well as mixing east and west sounds together.

King G Mall who thought up the idea of the song ‘Veer Ji’ , wrote the lyrics and produced the music  along with Bhota Jagpal of B21 (Birmingham) and has been re-mixed by Sound Pipe Records (London).
With vocals by Meshi Eshara  who also makes a comeback as a solo artist in 2012 after backing Jazzy B and Sukhshinder Shinda the past few years. King G Mall has been working the wedding and Asian entertainment circuit for the past 43 years and each year brings something new to his repertoire. But each weekend performing brings its own surprises and crazy stories, but the story of love and respect is one which King G Mall wants to spread across the globe.

“It’s amazing that people book you to perform, ‘as a band’. The musicians are treated second class whilst the singers are treated with grace. The band members and dj’s are spoken to like “oi play that song!” ( rudely spoken to ) and the singers “bhaaji this” and “bhaaji that” ( kindly spoken to – my brother ). This is my message to the people of Britain and far afield to say let’s be kind and lets enjoy every ones company and respect the musician and the DJ with grace and kindness.”‘Veer Ji’ is the fourth solo single from King G Mall, but this follows a full catalogue of albums with his troupe Dhol Blasters and Apna Sangeet , which you can review on his websites :-