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Vaang Shera De – Dalvinder Singh

Vaang Shera De – Dalvinder Singh

A stone was set a few months back leading down the path for the long awaited album ‘Born to singh’. The iconic and memorable lyrics “Tere Ishk’ch Jaawa Marda, Das Teri Ki Marzi Eh” came from the 1st single Ishq off the album Born to Singh.

Now on the 19th of January 2012 Dalvinder Singh proudly introduces his 2nd single “Vaang Shera De” . Presenting to you a complete contrast to Ishq, “Vaang Shera De” is a refreshing sound combining contemporary and traditional elements.

Once again Dalvinder Singh does not hesitate vocally, giving the listener a powerful and strong vocal, in addition collaborating with Tarli Digital bringing their combined abilities to the next level

lyrics written by a new writer Sukha Kang, based in Vancouver display a huge potential and gel brilliantly with Dalvinder Singhs versatility.

The video for “Vaang Shera De”, shot by Bodhi Technique has stepped it up a notch from “Ishq” and shows a different edge in video direction and editing, providing you with a unique and unexpected visual.

“Vaang Shera De” is a strong, powerful, Punjabi, Bhangra song which will in no doubt have you wanting to listen again and again.