The Return Of Dr Zeus

The Return Of Dr Zeus – Press Release & Track listing

Zindabaad – The New Dr. Zeus Album feat Sharmilla & Shortie….OUT AUG 25th 2011 on the Envy label

Where ever Punjabi's have settled in the world they have made their mark.

Establishing not only successful communities but they have upheld their Punjabi Virsa, mother tongue, and Punjabi Shaan.
Such an embodiment of Punjabi Aan and Shaan is unleashing in August 2011.

Dr Zeus is back with a new exciting offering, paying his humble homage to Punjabi's worldwide. 'Zindabaad Punjabi, Zindabaad Hi Rehan Geh'.

Zindabaad is ingenious, valiant, something old yet so new and undoubtedly, creative quality at its finest.

It infuses not only those familiar Desi resonances that form the basis of Punjabi heritage, but also invites invigorating innovative and diverse fusion of East and West.

The creation of Zindabaad, is graced with Dr Zeus' signature Desi and Urban beats, unified with Sharmilla's distinctive folk vocals, and combined with raps and adlibs from Shortie Lil Lox.
A hit making team giving you a musical experience of the highest order.

Every element of Zindabaad has been put together to showcase the best of what Punjabi music has to offer. Zindabaad is unquestionably the epitome of Eastern roots meeting Western Panache.

Lyrically it has everything from contemporary subject matters to traditional style Lok taths delivered in a way that can be appreciated by all.

Zindabaad promises not only to revive "Yaadan Punjab Diyan", but generate an explosion of pure entertainment.

1. Zindabaad
2. Yaari / Jattan Da Puth
3. Headline
4. Chamaka Di Maar (Boliyan)
5. Gallan
6. Wal Wangu
7. Gadiyan (Rasta Remix)
8. Izataan (Lok Tath)
9. Headline (Summer Remix)
10. Zindabaad (Statement Remix)