The Planet Records presents ‘Ghar Bapu De’ Sukha Sangojla

The Planet Records presents Sukha Sangojla’s single “Ghar Bapu De” Sukha Sangojla Born in native village Sangojla in Punjab, India. In 2005 Sukha started singing in local melas and events.

In 2008 Sukhs released his debut single ‘Put Sardara de’ that was huge hit. In 2009 his second song ‘Yara utha Rabb jihna Mann’ got released. In 2010 his third single ‘Shera Vargu’ got released and in 2011 his next track ‘Bhangra’ got relsead. In 2014 he released his debut album ‘Jaan’ consist of 12 tracks (bhangra, romantic,dance), Music produced by Manny Khaira ( Birmingham based Music producer).


In January 2015 he released his next single “Nawa Saal”. June 2015 he released “Photo Teri” , Music produced by himself and released by The Planet Records. Nov 2015 Sukha Sangojla released “Fansi” song dedicated to the Punjab. Nov 2016 Sukha Sangojla’s Ting Ling was released. Now The Planet Records released Sukha Sangojla’s New song “Ghar Bapu de” composed by himself.

Sukha Sangojla Ghar Bapu De

Released By The Planet Records

Sponsored by Avtar Singh Aujla
Video By Vijay Momi.
Makeup Artist Amrit Ghag.
Mix Master Tom Lowry Planet Studio, UK
Music by – Sukha sangojla
Lyrics Deepa bleran wala
Special Thanks To;
Aman Ghag, Sam Johal,
Baljit Shergil, Manny Khaira,
Deepa Bleran Wala, Gora Sangojla,
Gurcharn Bhujhangy.