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Pictures from ADH Akh Mastani / Sassi Video Shoot

Taubha Taubah – ADH

Produced by BS Productions, ‘Taubah Taubah’ is a catchy summer track with a laid back vibe which also features US rapper Gop Virk. The track sets the tone for ADH’s album promises to offer a variety of songs not just for Bhangra audiences and features both urban and desi flavours.
Releasing via Moviebox, the ten track album ‘Taubah Taubah’ is set to release this autumn and will feature a number of solo ADH songs as well as collaborations with artists like Kuldeep Manak, Hunterz and Miss Pooja. Heavyweight Bhangra producers Bally Jagpal, Bhota Jagpal, Aman Hayer and BS Productions lend their talents to the music of the album. As well as providing the lead vocals to the ten tracks, ADH has also produced and written a track on the album.
This is ADH’s fourth album. The Midlands based singer first hit the music scene back in 2001 with ‘I Want it All’ and followed it up with hit album ‘4Folk Sake’. Then his third release, ‘Never Look Back’ led to a three album deal between ADH and renowned UK label Moviebox.
The video to ‘Taubah Taubah’ is the first of five videos to be taken from the album.
Taubah Taubah’ the album, will be out this autumn.
ADH & Sati Taggar