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Vaang Shera De – Dalvinder Singh

Sweet Peach Music Presents – Ishq by Dalvinder Singh

October 2011 marks the launch of the highly anticipated release by Dalvinder Singh, the new single ISHQ taken from the forthcoming album BORN TO SINGH.

ISHQ will leave you addicted and captivated by sheer talent, setting another firm stone on the path to the long awaited launch of BORN TO SINGH. 


Lyrics by the late Dev Raj Jassal are given due respect by the distinctive voice of Dalvinder Singh together with flawless production by Tarli Digital resulting in a impeccable piece of art, musically and vocally, paying tribute to this iconic legendary lyricist.


Over the past decade we have witnessed Tarli Digital and Dalvinder Singh come together for the timeless classic Nachde Punjabi, only to grow and venture on to new and exciting products.   It is without no hesitation ISHQ will only compliment their gifted talent 


Together, Sweet Peach Music and a new visual company BODHI TECHNIQUE take great pleasure in presenting a fresh and contemporary video for ISHQ


ISHQ is undoubtedly a fresh unique twist to Dalvinder’s talent. Strongly influenced by the sounds of Jazz, Acoustic & Pop music it will leave you reminiscing about those lost summer days, inspiring you to be mesmerised by every moment in life that takes your breath away.  

ISHQ will leave a big impression, with its unforgettable sounds and fun loving attitude.


So sit back relax and enjoy every sound and every word.


Song: ISHQ


Artist: Dalvinder Singh


Produced By: Tarli Digital


Video: Bodhi Technique


Artwork: Rav Sandhu


Label: Sweet Peach Music


Release Date: 14th October 2011