New kid on the block Sunny-G is proud to present his first ever EP, “Gettin Started” Sunny-G is an aspiring music producer that has done numerous behind the scenes music production for other artists.
This time Sunny-G
has gone into the studio to work on his own project and has successfully completed 5 tracks produced solely by Sunny-G and the most amazing thing about this release is that the tracks are all FREE to download every fortnight!  

Sunny G is a talented music producer and musician who is very much in touch with his old-school Bhangra/Folk Music inspirations such as Gurdas Maan but his most biggest idol is Rishi Rich, Sunny-G has grown up listening to Rishi’s music and following his progress throughout the years.

Sunny-G’s music is very unique as he has his own sound and ideas that brings together a fusion of Bhangra, Hip Hop and other genres of influences together in his sound. Sunny-G has worked with a number of talented vocalists for his FREE EP release. 
Sunny-G is to release his first track of “Gettin Started” is going live on Sunday 12th February 2012. “Gettin Started”

His FREE download tracks are as follows: 
·        Lashkare-12/02/2012 Vocals by: Upinder Sondh
·        Intazaar-26/02/2012 Vocals by: Parineta Narula (Jaspinder Narula’s niece)
·        Gaani-11/03/2012 Vocals by: Upinder Sond
·        Akhiyan-25/03/2012 Vocals by: Parineta Narula (Jaspinder Narula’s niece)
·        Nakhra -08/04/2012 Vocals by: Billa Ferozpuria 

Sunny-G’s entrance into the Asian music industry officially after many years of practice and working behind the scenes.