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The West Midlands mum from Solihull beat 28 finalists to take 1st place at the Mrs India UK Classic 2019 pageant in London.



Three months ago she reached the finals of the first beauty pageant she ever competed in. Now, Rose Marlok has won the Miss India UK Classic 2019 title.

It has been an incredible journey for Rose, who was 1 of the finalist contestant to compete in the pageant and was told by the judges she was a ‘breath of fresh air’.

‘Honest and authentic is what they called me,’ Rose commented. ‘They really liked what I was doing and that I was representing causes that effect women on a daily basis.

I’ve literally turned the pageantry world upside down and proven that you don’t have to be a model or a size 8 or have lots of Botox.’

When Rose first set out to compete in Mrs India UK back in March, the mother-of-two knew she wanted to be as real as possible. It is that mind-set that she believes has made her so successful despite being new to the world of beauty pageants. ‘I just remained who I am,’ she said. ‘I didn’t put on any airs except not to fall over in my feels and stand up with my shoulders back.’  ‘On this whole journey I’ve just had to be myself, I haven’t had to force anything.’

It was that authenticity that made Rose a fan favourite in the London crowd, winning a legion of worldwide fans who would scream ‘We love you Rose’ anytime she was on stage.

And Rose won roaring applause when she came out in the finale round in her designer dress, dressed like a Bond girl, complete confident stage presence.

‘My husband wanted me to go out looking powerful,’ Rose recalled with a laugh. ‘Everyone loved it, including the contestants backstage! I felt great walking out there and really confident’

It was the pageant that helped Rose discover her inner confidence and shake up her life and support other women.

Although she never gets bored at her job as a HR manager and Director and loved her husband of 15 years, Rose felt that there was still room for transformation.

And so when the opportunity to enter Mrs India UK came knocking, the mother of 2 knew exactly what she had to do.

It was that what caught the attention of various charity organisations, who have approached Rose and asked if she might be interested in working with them.

At first, Rose i thought the idea of entering Mrs India UK was hysterical.  ‘After I picked myself off the floor from laughter I said, do you know I am a mother of 2?’

Rose had never thought of herself as a pageant queen but was inspired when she saw the dedication of Aditi Gupta CEO of Mrs India UK, and thought why not.

And now Rose’s journey has begun as she will be entering Mrs International in July 2019  to represent the UK. It was all the motivation Rose needed to put on the sash and crown.

But first she would need to swap her trainers for stilettos and work uniform for couture gowns.

Charity work came easy to Rose, but there were other aspects of becoming a full-fledged beauty queen that would take a bit more practice. Rose was always confident as a child, but had limited access to  embracing the public on stage.’I kind of feel like, for my whole life get on with life,’ she said. ‘Now I get to shine as me.’

‘I’m so grateful life has given me this opportunity to tap into my inner girl and enjoy who I am, without feeling like I have to be a certain way for other people’

Rose fully embraced her new pageant look, practicing around the house in her heels, public speaking and media interaction. Now Rose loves the stage so much that her fellow Mrs India UK competitors thought she had been doing pageants for years. Just by being authentic, I’m starting to inspire so many women – not just in England but around the world,’ she said.

Now Rose has plans to become a motivational speaker and ambassador for charities so that she can continue to inspire people of all ages. ‘I’d like to motivate women   with a positive mind-set and not age themselves out of existence by the way we think, ‘My journey has taught women that they can do anything they want to do and they can be anything they want to be,’ she said.

‘Don’t let age be a barrier to anything. Go ahead and do it if you want to do it. Trust in yourself and take that leap of faith and just go for it!’