Shah Rukh Khan captured in First Life Size 3D Print Model

By Shakti Patel

Look who goes and gets immortalized and becomes 3D. It’s None other than “The King Of Romance himself Shah Rukh Khan“.


The “Badshah’ of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan has one more reason to rejoice. Shah Rukh has got a special gift in the form of a late birthday present (his birthday was 2nd November).

This gift is from Red Chillies VFX and Autodesk India, who have come together for making the world’s first life size 3D printed model. This model designed in India will be seen in Shah Rukh’s signature pose. Khan already has his wax statue at Madame Tussaud museum and this 3D figure is first of its kind.

Thanking his team for the gift, Khan took to his social media accounts to say: “How fantastic is my Team Red Chillies VFX. Fully made in India the first 3D life size printout. My best Birthday Day present”,  read a post on his social network profiles. “It is overwhelming how technology has gone forward. I am grateful to be a part of this amazing technology. This is outstanding and I am dying to show it to my kids. It’s a silver and shiny statue of mine in my classic pose. It’s the figure of work I have done for all these years,” he said in a statement.

I” want to thank Keitan, Harry, the Red Chillies VFX team and the Autodesk team who have worked on it. It’s the figure of work I have done for all these years. I am grateful to be a part of this amazing technolog”y.

Even the folds in the shirt and trousers are captured in such detail… and if I may add the dimples too. Excited about this technology so I will over load you all with more images. 1st ever in the world”!!


The actor, who had a busy 2014 with his Slam world tour &  “Happy New Year” film, also feels that the model sums up his entire journey in the film industry.



The life-size model has been designed & made in India! Khan was also named the second highest paid actor in the world last year with a net worth of £350m ($600m) placing him higher than Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt etc.


My input on the news is that this is the first time anyone or anything that has done this type of artwork before. Judging by the pictures – he looks good. This is truly a gift for him and his fans to remember him for eternity. The 3D statue dons SRK’s signature pose in which he is famous for and loved by his fans.