Sardaarji 2- A roller coaster full of emotions.


Personal review of Sardaarji 2:

The first Sardaarji was really good so I expected Sardaarji 2 to be even better. Watching the movie, I can now say, YES it was amazing. It has a lot more humour which keeps the audience engaged at all times. I loved the storyline and enjoyed watching the special effects as it made the movie look very modern. The movie is based around a successful farmer called Jaggi (Diljit Dosanjh). Throughout this movie, Jaggi faces a lot of challenges, where he has to deal with his past as well as his emotional issues i.e his anger problems.

The emotional feelings are linked to the special effects where you come across 3 different characters of Jaggi. 1st character is the farmer, 2nd is the farmers bad side and 3rd is the farmers good side. through these 3 characters, it shows that Jaggi is in a constant battle with his own mind in certain situations.When this happens people perceive him as being crazy or a mad man.

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Diljit did an amazing job at entertaining his audience and allowing them to feel emotionally connected to the character. The movie has an underlining emotional issue but they have nicely balanced the storyline with humour and love. The movie definitely takes you on a roller coaster ride of emotions.

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The emotional element to the story was about farmers and suicide. When you watch the movie you will understand the connection between Diljit character and the farmer story line. The flash backs of the character Jaggi was really good. As it made the audience understand why he was very passionate about farming and why he had anger issues.

Diljit Dosanjh’s catchy one liners and his sharp snappy dialogues were cleverly written, as it had the whole  audience constantly laughing . Sardaarji 2 appeals to all ages but i feel it is definitely a family movie. Diljit’s character came across to be very family orientated, who stuck to his morals and what he believed in. On several occasions he would always mention this phrase “Always say ji when your addressing a sardaar”.  This shows he took pride in how people should respect one another and to be kind.


Having really good actresses like Monica Gill and Sonam Bajwa gave the movie, a perfect touch. Monica Gill who plays Sohni, is a very aggressive angry person at first. But she mellows down, the more time she spent with Jaggi. They both had a love/hate relationship which was very entertaining to watch. Sonam Bajwa who plays Diljot, is seen as a very lovable and sweet person. Jaggi and Diljot got along with each other more than he did with Sohni. I found it hilarious that Jaggi kept referring to Diljot as “Lady Gaga”.

Sardaarji 2 kept its audience on their toes as there are a few twists that I personally didn’t expect. The script and story line is amazing and I applaud everyone who was involved in making this movie. I feel comedy films like this truly reflects Diljit Dosanjh’s personality and his talent.

Overall it is a 5/5!

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