Sajana By Harvey Sahota and The Live Crew

Sajana (cover single) By Harvey Sahota & TheLiveCrew UK Best Band Bhangra Award Winners 2017. It is a cover version of the Gurdas Mann song Sajana but done in a style I hope you will like and features musicians from my band The Live Crew Soundcloud link below. Please accept it as a thank you for supporting us so far and to all who that supported us at the UK BHANGRA AWARDS 2017 Enjoy and please leave your comments. Please feel free to share the link amongst your friends. I look forward to bringing you some new tracks fairly soon. Please keep supporting. Arranged, Produced and Mixed by Harvey Sahota At Haveli Studios East London c/o Shin Cobra Mastered by Naweed @whitfieldmastering London. Musicians: Amit Vaja, Amar Be [ Band Manager], Devinder Singh Janagel, Rikesh Maisuria, Delroy Murray, Brandon Murray. #thelivecrew #bhangra #reggae #gurdasmaan#coverversion SoundCloud link below…

Harvey Sahota & The Live Crew

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