Press Release – JJargia New Video Produced by Harmail Chatha

Can you guess what happens when you bring Video Stars and Artists like Jatinder Jargia, Kushi Saini and HARMAIL CHATHA together with the hottest new Designer Jasramin of JC Designs AND Director of Photography Pete von Tews?
Well, when you add the creative talents of the Bay Area Bhangra Club, you have ALL the necessary elements for the latest in a constant string of game changing productions by the visionary producer/artist Harmail Chatha. This time a HIT BHANGRA MUSIC VIDEO called Sharab.
Yes, the Producer and Star of DESI UNPLUGGED, the world-wide #1, BHANGRA MUSIC VIDEO SHOW has done it again. This is not only the first HIGH-END, HD BHANGRA MUSIC VIDEO to be completely produced in the SF Bay Area…
It is also the first time HARMAIL has directed and starred in one of his own productions.
Patience has paid of and Sharab showcases HARMAIL, Bay Area acting talent, and the combined choreography of the award winning Bay Area Bhangra Club. Bhangra is about community… and it shows.

Look for the Video worldwide on MH1,, AND on Desi Unplugged which airs on Jus Punjabi and Crossings TV, Verizon FIOS and TimeWarner Cable.