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Fans Going Crazy Over ‎Patiala Pegg by Diljit Dosanjh!


Diljit Fans all over the world are going crazy  over Patiala Pegg by Diljit Dosanjh. Patiala Pegg is a very traditional beat folksong style track . Lots of viral videos can be seen been tweeted and splashed all over fans facebook pages.

Diljit Dosanjh fan page is currently full of viral videos of students / parents / children of all colour from all the world singing the catchy hook line chorus with the word Haan stretched out . The origins of the this craze can be  traced back to 9th November when Diljit kicked off the viral videos with  Balvir Boparai ‪#‎SUKHBRAR‬ ‪#‎JAGGATUSEYANWALA‬ on his facebook page.

Patiala Peg Lyrics

Oh tu te aakheya bhull geya hun
(Oh tu te aakheya bhull geya hun)
Hor kisey te dull geya hun
(Hor kisey te dull geya hun)

Oh tu te aakheya bhull geya hauna
Hor kisey te dull geya hun
Edda ni sukhala chhaddi da
Haan.. Patiala Peg laa chhadhdi da
Patiala peg laa chadhi da
Patiala peg, Patiala peg… laa chhadhi da



Song – Patiala Peg
Artist – Diljit Dosanjh
Starring – Diljit Dosanjh & Diljot
Lyrics – Veet Baljit
Music – Nick Dhammu
Editor – Sarabjeet Sohal
D.O.P – VIK – CEE & Nanni Gill
Production – Neeraj
Assit. Dir & Co – Ordinators – Enn Syan & Varinderpal Bains
Directors – Arvinder Khaira & Navjit Buttar
Label – Speed Records

Check out a few of the Viral Videos below