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Gabhru Panjab De)

Official Statement from former members of GPD (Gabhru Panjab De)

Dear Family; Friends; Media & Bhangra Lovers By now most of you would have observed the unfortunate public controversy over the current status of the 25 year established Midlands based, but worldwide renowned Bhangra Group Gabhru Panjab De (GPD).

Gabhru Panjab De)

Gabhru Panjab De)

We have been contacted by concerned friends, family, fans, media & the music industry who are understandably confused over recent events. In light of this we are therefore taking this opportunity to respond and clear matters surrounding GPD and the future of the group.

What started as a minor private difference of opinion on how to best celebrate the groups 25 year anniversary, has ultimately resulted in pre-determined agendas taking these differences public, and the parting of the group.

We are no different to any large family. Over the years as brothers & sisters we all have had our ups & downs, arguments, disagreements, tears, hugs, break ups and make ups over the years but we have always managed to find a solution as we have always had the group best interests at heart. However, today, after repeated efforts for constructive dialogue to settle differences and ultimately continue with the Bhangra folk legacy beyond 25 years have fell on deaf ears.

The truth ……

Long established online and social media accounts for the group were HACKED, passwords changed, accounts deliberately suspended and contact and booking details of the group have been changed, all without the authorisation or knowledge of current management. This was followed by a carefully orchestrated and planned online social media campaign to discredit members of the group in the public domain.  To say that we were shocked is an understatement. This left the majority of the group paralysed with no formal avenue to express their opinion or alternative views.  For this reason temporary online social media accounts were set up on our behalf in an effort to respond to some of the untrue statements made and honour confirmed imminent bookings.

A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes – Mark Twain

The most disappointing aspect was this action was taken by a small minority of existing members and ex-members who have had very little involvement in the senior group for a number of years. We had tried to build a solid foundation of respect, loyalty, honour and integrity within the group. However, it has become apparent this is not possible when not everyone holds these values dear and instead have their own personal interests at heart. Naturally we have been saddened by these actions and many others which we have chosen to keep private.

Our future with the group has become untenable and it is with great disappointment we have decided to leave behind a name which we have cherished and loved for many many years. Contrary to any other statements, no one was removed from the group. This has been a very difficult and emotional decision for us. Time really is our most precious commodity, over the years we have all made sacrifices especially within our own families in support of the group as we have taken every opportunity to ensure the group was at the forefront of the industry. Even with recent public attempts to discredit core members of the group we have remained dignified and have done our best to maintain our honesty and integrity. However we can no longer continue to work in an environment where individuals support or condone the use of hacking and carefully orchestrated agenda’s driven by online social media campaigns to discredit innocent people.

Hacking is illegal and covered by the misuse of computer act 1990 UK. Thus an opportunity has presented itself to take legal advice which we are reviewing with our legal team.

GPD will always be close to our hearts we have no regrets our only mistake was to trust our brothers.

It is time for us to embrace new opportunities full of excitement, unity and genuine love for our Panjabi virsa. We will continue to do what we do best, that is promoting Punjabi Folk Bhangra. Furthermore, we have the full backing of our Fans, Family, Friends, and colleagues from the Music Industry who has wholeheartedly shown us their support.

We sincerely wish our Bhangra family past & present all the best for the future. New venture details will be announced shortly.

Thank you for staying with us on this new journey.


Regards former members of Gabhru Panjab De

Inder Singh (Barnsy) 18 Years Service, Twitter @gabhrus

Sandeep Singh Bhogal (Pete) 15 Years Service, Twitter @pete_bhogal

Gurminder Singh Dosanjh (Johni)14 Years Service, Twitter @johnidosanjh

Rashpal Singh Jagpal (Rash) 13 Years Service, Twitter @1rashy

Satti Singh (Taggar) 12 Years Service, Twitter @SatiTaggar

Gurpal Singh Randhawa (Sodi) 12 Years Service, Twitter @Sodi_Elite

Taranvir Singh Dhanda (Kaka) 8 Years Service, Twitter @kakadhanda1

Mohan Singh Cheema (Mohna) 8 Years Service, Twitter @mohnacheema

Harminder Singh (Hardy) 3 Years Service, Twitter @hardy_singh123

Parambeer Singh Samrai (Gabbar) 2 Years Service, Twitter @ParambeerSamrai

105 Years Of Experience In Folk Bhangra.

Sandeep Singh

Sandeep Singh

Harminder Singh

Harminder Singh




Gurpal Singh


Inder Singh


Taranvir Singh


Satti Singh


Parambeer Singh


Rashpal Singh


Mohan Singh

HRH Princes Charles with former members of GPD

HRH Princes Charles with former members of GPD