Nach Nach – K-Singh ft. Premi Johal

Talented UK based music producer K-Singh returns to the fore with ‘Nach Nach’, featuring the legendary vocals of Premi Johal. ‘Nach Nach’ is releasing on 27th June 2017 via E3UK Records.

Following on from the success of ‘Tere Vyah De Din’ with ‘The Bad Boy of Bhangra’ Benny Dhaliwal, K-Singh has this time hooked up with UK Bhangra legend Premi Johal, for this nostalgic gidha style track.

The music that first made Premi one of the most exciting bands in UK Bhangra history is hugely evident in ‘Nach Nach’. If you think of ‘Oh Tina Oh Tina’ and ‘Gidha Pa Nikiye’ as a mashup, then this is how it sounds!

K-Singh has been engineering and producing for many well-established UK and international acts over the years, putting his solo projects to one side. When the opportunity came along to work with Premi Johal, K-Singh as an old school Bhangra fan could not let the opportunity pass.

Arguably the strongest vocal Premi Johal has provided since his heyday, K-Singh hopes that hands will be clapping and feet will be tapping across every wedding dancefloor this year.

The video shot on location in Leicester by Delraj Takher will bring that modern twist to some classic beats.

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