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Music Builds Bridges

Music Builds Bridges

Looking forward to the Capital of Culture bid for 2013 a group of influential and committed individuals in the field of arts and music in Birmingham have got together to create an event which will ‘bridge the gap and unite communities’.



The group headed by one of the city’s renowned artists and charity crusaders King G Mall hopes this event will become an annual attraction to help lead the campaign for Birmingham to reach its target for creating cultural opportunities come the city of culture bid and help to create community cohesion and good understanding of the cities flourishing variety of cultures. 
We all know that the West Midlands is rich in its multi-cultural ethnicity with a wealth artists and performers. Some of these perform day in day out in their own communities. Some go largely un-noticed because of the lack of awareness or opportunities to showcase their talents or often where they can perform.
There are a multitude of festivals and events that showcase talent in Birmingham, but Music Builds Bridgespromises to provide a platform for the aspiring stars of the future to perform at a venue and platform open to all communities. “We will create a ‘world music and dance festival’ which the city of Birmingham will be proud of.” The event is the brainchild of King G Mall, who in 2009 lead 632 drummers from across the World to gather in Birmingham to break and make a world record.
The appeal and charisma of King G is one which has united communities across Birmingham where he has worked with the acclaimed UB40, James Brown and Black Voices to name but a few. The venue for this event is Victoria Square, Birmingham and the date of the event is Saturday 3rd July 2010.

Music Builds Bridges

An exciting open air show with non-stop entertainment from noon till 6pm has been planned with Birmingham City Council events team and will capture the imagination of the cosmopolitan West Midlands public as well as the interest of  weekend shoppers, visitors to the city and passers-by.
At the same time as show-casing local talent alongside International artists, the event will also provide a platform for four very deserving charities to promote awareness and raise funds: 
  • Promise Dreams a charity that helps fulfill the wishes of terminally ill children.
  • Birmingham Children’s Hospital offers a wide range of pediatric services for young children throughout the Midlands and beyond.
  • Seek Diabetes Awareness aims to raise awareness of diabetes and diabetes related illnesses in South Asian, African-Caribbean and Middle Eastern communities.
  • India Housing Project, the money raised will be used to help build homes for people who live in mud huts or even worse, on the streets.
 Supporting the event by providing their time for free as part of the organising committee are:-King G’s (Dhol Blasters), Punjabi Wolves, Jassi Sidhu, Heera Group, H. Dhami, Jaz Dhami, Yaz Alexander, Skibu Foster, Tim Bamford, Anita Lerche, Nachda Sansaar, Hina & Co Bollywood dancers, Gabhru Panjab De, Diva Giddha dancers and Satnam Rana (BBC) to name but a few. 
This festival is totally non-profit making with every penny in the pound donated, going to the 4 mentioned charities. 
More info:
General Admin/Secretarial Support: Yaz Alexander: [email protected] – 07885 221868 
Organiser & Artistic Director: King Gurcharan Mall: [email protected]  – 07721 400422 
MUSIC BUILDS BRIDGES ‘International World Music & Dance Festival Charity Fundraiser’ 2010 www.musicbuildsbridges.co.uk (Working together to promote Arts & Culture the right way Since 1968)