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SuperHeavy the group comprises Mick Jagger, AR Rahman, Damian Marley, Dave Stewart and Joss Stone.


Musical maestro AR Rahman has achieved another first in his amazing career!  First Indian to win an Oscar for his music, first to be part of a ‘Superband’ and now the first person to get rock legend Mick Jagger to sing in Urdu! 

Jagger sings the words, Satyameva Jayathe, meaning ‘the truth alone triumphs’ on the single of the same name. Composed by Academy award winning A.R. Rahman, ‘Satyameva Jayathe’ is an instantly infectious tune that feels like a new anthem in the making.
Fans of Rahman will undoubtedly feel the same vibe they did when they first heard the now immortal Vande Mataram. ‘Satyameva Jayathe’ is featured on the debut album, SuperHeavy, which was released on Monday and follows debut single ‘Miracle Worker’ that received rave reviews upon release last month. SuperHeavy the band comprises Mick Jagger, AR Rahman, Damian Marley, Dave Stewart and Joss Stone.
The concept came together after Jagger and Stewart considered what a band comprising of musicians from different genres would sound like.  Despite their disparate backgrounds the members of SuperHeavy instantly connected and hit the ground running; “as soon as we started playing together in the studio it gelled, all these different styles, it didn’t seem to be a problem to make them fit together” says Jagger. 

This new and spontaneous way of working for all the collaborators has resulted in an explosive album that defies categorisation. Dave Stewart describes SuperHeavy as a ‘mad alchemist type experiment’, with Mick Jagger adding, “We didn’t know what kind of music we’d make, we didn’t know if it would be any good, but we hoped we’d have fun”.  
SuperHeavy the album is in the shops now and also available on iTunes:

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