MC Sarpanch

MC Sarpanch “Punjabi Skank” Ft Foji

Sarpanch hooked up with DJ Swami and made 2 Number 1 albums ‘Pure Garage 4’ and ‘Desi Rock’.

During his early success, Sarpanch gigged intensively. Some of these included headlining Glastonbury Roots tent, Tour de France, Fabric of London and many UK shows.

Being a young Asian rapper, Sarpanch stood out with his unique lyrical content and approach to the scene with musical influences from Pay As You Go, Wiley, Devilman, Heartless crew and Wookie, as well as listening to Bhangra and Asian music.

In 2004, Sarpanch left the industry and group by mutual consent to focus on other things but six years later, due to public demand, is now back and here to stay.
For his latest single Sarpanch has teamed up with bhangra's newest talent Foji and up and coming producer Sharni to bring to you 'Punjabi Skank', a fusion of traditional bhangra beats, boliyan with MC Sarpanch doing what he does best.

 Foji GIll & MC Sarpanch