Manni Sandhu - My Time

Manni Sandhu – My Time – Out 23 Feb

Earlier this month Manni Sandhu gave Bhangra fans another glimpse into his highly anticipated album with the single ‘Sona’, which also went straight in at number one in the Official Asian Download Chart. Now with the studying, training, experimenting and composing out of the way, Manni Sandhu finally prepares to release the long awaited album ‘My Time’ on Thursday 23rd February 2012.


Something different and unique and something for everyone is on offer on ‘My Time’. Intrigued and inspired by all types of music with an inherent passion for Bhangra, Manni experiments with musical styles and their potential. From traditional Bhangra to alternative, Manni has made a conscious effort to bring in all his musical influences on the album including Grime, Hip-hop, RnB, and Desi beats.


There’s dance floor party numbers such as the monster-hit ‘Door Ni Kulne’ with Manak-E and the highly demanded ‘Bottle’ featuring Lehmber Hussainpuri finally gets a full release. After being previewed on the ‘Door Ni Kulne’ video, it doesn’t disappoint, complete with powerful vocals and a melody that just makes you want to get up and dance.  Then ‘Gidhian Di Rani’ a funky desi number will keep you in the dancing mood. The song features Jelly Manjitpurri who wrote the song and played the sarangi and tumbi on it too. Then there’s one for the wedding parties -‘Jaan Sadi’, featuring the distinguishable vocals of Nirmal Sidhu. With strings, piano, synths and flute, Manni describes it as “crazy!”.


Showcasing his versatility, Manni turns up the bass and goes Urban with the tracks ‘Pegg 2012’ and ‘Balle Balle’. Working with Jaswinder Daghamia on ‘Pegg 2012’ Manni gives fans of the singer something different and fresh, complete with a heavy bassline. Featuring Ashok Gill, ‘Balle Balle’ combines smooth guitars, banjo pieces, and hard-hitting drums. For ‘Husna Di Sarkar’ featuring the late Kaka Bhaniawala, Manni gives an update to an old skool sound. Musically he has tried to create a modern version of what Kaka Bhaniawala did in his classic albums. Keeping the traditional elements and instrumentation as authentic as possible whilst amplifying the track in true Manni style, with bass and urban garage influences.


From dance numbers and basslines, Manni manages to mellow things out with the recently released ‘Sona’ and ‘Mutiyaar’ which introduces newcomer Malkit Bulla to the Bhangra scene. “What I want to be able to do is produce all kinds of music at a good level, that’s why the album has a bit of everything. An album should be like a journey, exploring different sounds, and that’s what I’ve tried to do with ‘My Time”. Manni.


Fittingly named ‘My Time’, Manni Sandhu has taken his time, but it was well spent. Taking time and effort to perfect his skills, be creative and define his sound, evidence of which can be heard across this 10 track album.


My Time’ by Manni Sandhu is out on 23rd February 2012 via Brown Boi Music.




1.     My Time (intro) – Jelly Manjeetpuri

2.     Bottle – Lehmber Hussainpuri

3.     Door Ni Kulne Skit

4.     Door Ni Kulne – Manak-E

5.     Sona – Bakshi Billa

6.     Gidhian Di Rani – Jelly Manjeetpuri

7.     Brown Boi Skit

8.     Pegg 2012 – Jaswinder Daghamia

9.     Balle Balle – Ashok Gill

10.  Jaan Sadi – Nirmal Sidhu

11.  Husna Di Sarkar – Kaka Bhaniawala

12.  Mutiyaar – Malkit Bulla

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