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A movie called “Learning to Drive” was released in 2015. Due to recent events within the Sikh community being racially profiled at airports. I thought it would be a great idea to share my review on this insightful movie, by showing the true beauty of Sikhism. The main character starring oscar winner Ben Kingsley, plays the role of a Sikh driving instructor. Who teaches a lady, Patricia Clarkson (The Green Mile), how to drive.

Learning to Drive – Synopsis:

Wendy is a well known Manhattan writer, who unfortunately goes through marriage troubles. She takes up driving lesson’s with a Sikh instructor called Darwan Singh, who coincidentally has marriage troubles of his own. During their driving lessons together, they form a close bond which helps them solve their problems.

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Wendy takes up driving lessons as her husband leaves her for a younger woman. The taxi driver/driving instructor is a friendly Sikh man who is on the verge of an arranged marriage. All the scenes within the film were based in the Big Apple, New York. Darwan Singh gives Wendy life lessons on Sikhism which allows her to understand what Sikhism is and what Sikhs stand for. The movie has scenes of a Gurdwara which shows Darwan Singh praying and also shows a traditional Sikh wedding taking place. Learning to Drive, gross profit was a total of $3.2m.

Since the release of the movie, it has received a lot of positive feedback. It is a great accomplishment to have a Hollywood movie screened in theatres around the world, featuring the Sikh community. This movie shows the beauty of Sikhism, the struggles Sikhs face and the Sikh traditional customs.


A traditional Sikh marriage attire shown in the movie.

Sikhism is the 5th largest religion in the world.  As the years pass, individuals are still not educated enough to recognise the difference between other religions. Sikhs have been targeted since the tragedies of 9/11 due to ignorant individuals believing that the Turban symbolises terrorism.

In America, many Sikhs turn to transportation jobs, specifically taxi’s. 12% of Sikhs have reported that due to their identity, individuals have been refused employment. Also being Sikh has had an impact on job opportunities and job loses as well. This information can be found on the Sikh Coalition’s Bay Area Civil Rights Report.

figures show reasons why sikhs are harassed at work.

Figures show reasons why Sikhs are harassed at work.

During the movie a sensitive scene takes place. Darwan Singh was teaching Wendy how to drive at night. Suddenly Wendy stops the car causing an accident. The car behind crashes into them and the American man was furious. Darwan Singh gets out of the car to apologies but the American man was so angry. It resulted to him using racially abusive words towards Darwan by calling him a “f****** stupid Arab, you Arab b*****”. The man then reaches for Darwan’s turban and throws  the turban to the ground. This was highly disrespectful to watch as situations like this happen to many Sikhs around the world.

Learning to Drive is available on DVD now. 

Take a look at the trailer “Learning to drive”.

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