Katrina Kaif lifts Akshay Kumar!

According to sources, in a scene in the first half of the film, one can see Katrina Kaif's character (Sanjana) rescuing Akshay's character (Rajiv) from a fire! Katrina is seen to be carrying Akshay on her shoulders!
When Katrina heard that she would have to lift Akshay, she froze,Surprised only to be consoled that it would be taken care of by the cables!
Akshay Kumar laughs out loud when we ask him about the scene, "It's a hilarious scene. Smile
I won't say much about it except that it's nice to be rescued and carried off by a beautiful woman.
Who wouldn't want to be in my shoes?!" Cool
This scene, and most certainly, the rest of "Welcome" will be worth a definite watch, when it releases in cinemas on Thursday December 20 2007.
It is an Indian Films release through Studio 18.

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