Jassi Sidhu

Although an impressive debut release it wasn’t until 1998 and the release of 'By Public Demand' that B21 truly became the most talked about band in recent times. The album went on to become one of the biggest selling of all time. Tracks like "Chandigarh" and "Putt Sardara De" cemented the band’s place in bhangra folklore.

The single 'Made in England' in the year 2000 further underlined the group’s status, with the anthem like "Darshan" filling dance floors worldwide. As bhangra lover’s young and old flocked to see the band, Jassi’s reputation, as one of the most innovative and original singers around, grew by the day.

 However just before the release of the most eagerly anticipated bhangra album of all time 'Long Overdue' personal differences lead to the implosion of B21, and destroyed a band that never quite fulfilled its full potential.


In 2003 the most recognisable voice of his generation rose form the ashes of B21 to launch a solo career that although seemed destined for success, was still being questioned in many quarters. Could Jassi do what so many others had failed to do in the past and accomplish success after leaving the security of such a huge band? Could the voice behind such huge hits as "Jaan" and "Jawani" prove to people that he had the panache to cut it as solo artist?


All questions were answered emphatically as Jassi Sidhu silenced his critics with the release of 'Reality check' (More than just a Postcode) in June of 2003. The album went on to sell almost 400,000 copies worldwide and enjoyed unprecedented success thus cementing Jassi’s place in the international bhangra hierarchy. Songs such as "Ranjha", "Ama Ni Ama" and "Agg" once again emphasized Jassi’s ability for churning out dance floor fillers.This huge achievement was underlined at the 'ETC Punjabi Music Awards 2004' where Jassi was nominated in no less then 6 different categories. He became the first British born Punjabi vocalist to win an award in India as he walked away with the Best International Album award for 'Reality Check' ("Ishq wich jogi").

As the Jassi Sidhu bandwagon rolls on music lovers worldwide wait with baited breath to see what this ambassador for British bhangra music will do next. At the age of 26 and with a career that has nearly spanned a decade already Jassi’s future looks set for even more success as he continues to follow the dream he started way back as an unknown teenager all those years back.

Right from the onset, starting out as a starry eyed teenager in the mid 90’s and watching his hobby become his career, up until the present day and the launch of is highly anticipated new album, Jassi has proved that success can be achieved from following your dreams.He is the man behind one of the most distinctive voices and musical styles to emanate from the United Kingdom in recent times. In a career that has spanned almost a decade to date, Jassi’s unique ability to combine traditional Punjabi lyrics and heart-pounding beats with his distinct and instantly recognisable vocal style, has endeared him to Bhangra music lovers worldwide.

Jassi’s ability to churn out dance floor hits is second to none. No party goes by without hearing his vocals lift the crowd. No DJ collection is complete without a catalogue of his tracks. Whatever the occasion, his music has the exceptional ability to lift spirits and bring a smile to your face.


Now after a wait of over two years, the follow up to his immensely successful debut solo album Reality Check is ready. The new ten track album No Strings Attached
Jassi Sidhu

is an amalgamation of styles that showcases Jassi’s inimitable vocal technique and musical prowess.Both as a former boy band member and as a solo artist, Jassi has played a major role in the development of UK Bhangra over the past decade.

He is proud of not only being an ambassador for Punjabi music but more so an ambassador for British born Punjabi music artists, who are only now belatedly beginning to make their mark globally.No Strings Attached is Jassi’s biggest project to date, and looks set to catapult a career that has already exceeded so many expectations to even greater heights.Jassi Sidhu thrives on being himself.
What you see is most definitely what you get. In an industry that is well known for packaging individuals to fit a pre supposed criteria Jassi prides himself on staying true to what he believes.No Strings Attached is the personification of feel-good Bhangra, music that makes your feet tap and your pulse race. Jassi Sidhu is at the forefront of his profession and continues to move upwards and onwards in his pursuit of promoting the UK bhangra sound worldwide. 


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