Gurdas Maan #Masti2015 Exclusive Interview with Upinder Randhawa

Gurdas Maan’s Exclusive Interview with Upinder Randhawa for his #Masti2015 tour

Check out the Exclusive interview recorded with Gurdas Maan at the New Bingley Hall in Birmingham just after the  ‪#‎Masti2015 Media Press conference.
Upinder Randhawa

Punjab2000 are the official online media partners for the ‪#‎Masti2015 organised by Uk Box Office (promoters) for the Living Legend that is Gurdas Maan.

Watch the interview by Upinder Randhawa (famous for his part in transporting a police officer in their vehicle in pursuit of looters while broadcasting live on air during the Birmingham riots of 2011)

Gurdas Maan #Masti2015

Gurdas Maan #Masti2015

Watch the video to the #Masti2015 Press Conference