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Exclusive interview with Sachin Riderboy – India’s No 1 Sportbike Freestyle athlete

Be the change you want to see in the world!


It’s Sachin Riderboy’s Birthday this 31 January. As India’s No 1 Sportbike Freestyle athlete ‎turns 22, Punjab2000 caught up with the athlete post India Bike Week 2014 for a quick chat.

So Sachin, l‎et’s start from the basics… how did you get hooked on to this sport?

Honestly speaking, it was never pre-planned! I’ve been riding since the past six years but it was only after 2008 that I devoted myself to mastering every bit of it. As a kid I use to watch guys doing basic tricks like stretch wheelies on motorcycles on streets which seemed cool to me …they stood out of the crowd! The fascination was enough to cajole me into getting my dad’s 100cc bike … I later switched on to a 200 cc motorcycle! And that was the turning point in my life … I discovered I had this in my blood! I nailed basic tricks quickly and ever since then I have been exploring my limits step by step, trying to catch up with western levels!


Now for people who don’t know about this sport…how would you best describe it.

Well …. Sport bike freestyle is an expression sport … just like skateboarding is!

It might be a new concept in India but it’s a mainstream sport in most countries like the United States, France, Spain and many others. Sport bike freestyle is more than just a career … its a lifestyle!


Now it’s growing …one big reason behind this is its rapid development is the XDL Championship series, which is the only official sports league of its kind in the world for sport bike freestyle. It’s going fairly large scale after being recognized by the FIM based in Geneva, which is the global governing and sanctioning body of Motorsports.


The sport is indeed off to a great start in India as XDL plans to tap the Asian markets as early as this year. So lots of promises for the future… fingers crossed!


Obviously, you’ve had to face a lot of hurdles to reach where you are… when you initially started out did you receive any support?

I was not that lucky …coming from a middle-class family, I did face several financial issues in my early years. I remember I use to adjust all my expenses in my college fees! Those were probably the moments I’ll cherish my entire life and never forget. The odds were never in favour but it only strengthened me! What doesn’t break you, makes you!


Being India’s No 1 Freestyle Stunt rider, what changes are you trying to bring into India with the sport?

I am overwhelmed with the love and support I get from my people but accepting the title of India’s no.1 street freestyle athlete without an official ranking certainly makes no sense. Yes … I’ll try my level best to keep upto their expectations and earn the title for them at the XDL championships.



But if you talk about changes, it’s not possible by any individual but certainly if realization comes on an individual basis. Illegal racing and street stunting is prevalent in many parts of India. I understand it sets you out from others but its certainly not a cool thing to do.


Rookies and amateurs need to act responsibly and should take care that their activities don’t amount to public harassment. To all those who live in a virtual world where people appreciate their street skills, let me tell you … its owing to your great deeds that even professionals are generalized into the category of miscreants. We never give ‘free shows’!


The recent incident of a Delhi boy being shot by the cops for an alleged act of street stunting and stone-throwing at the police vans has served as a bit of a wake up call on how to develop the sport in India.

Let me put this into perspective ….. I often find a lot of memes on social media stating or rather pleading that ” make stunting a sport .. stunting is not a crime .. etc ” ! Well do we really know what a sport is? Do we know who athletes are?  Well… we don’t !!  We all know cricket is more than a sport in India, a religion maybe I have a simple question open to all –  Do you find anyone demonstrating their cricket skills on the streets ? Absolutely not! Cricketers sweat and bleed on the ground! Had they chosen the roads and public places as their playgrounds , cricket wouldn’t have been what it is today.


So its very important that our youth strongly discourage street stunting! We need to earn the trust of people! Be the change you want to see in the world!


Hence its my humble request to everyone out there, learn the codes of conduct if you wish to move ahead in this sport! Our sport is quite misunderstood in India , both by those who watch as well as those who do! Let’s establish peace, unity and love and show the world how beautiful things can be if we share a common vision!

That’s all I wish.


Sachin Riderboy recently performed at India Bike Week 2014. ‎Like several new-age stunt bikers he is helping create awareness about the sport.


His team IStunt and him have won several titles and accolades like the Kerela Stunt War, where he competed against teams from across the country on a borrowed bike (as his bike didn’t reach on time).

He’s one of the few in India who can do a ride side diclose sitting on the right side of the handlebar and putting a right side counter‎.


You can catch more updates on Sachin’s facebook profile:


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