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Talented British Asian actress turned Business Entrepreneur Deana Uppal has diversified her talents into directing, as the former Miss India UK, Big Brother and fear factor contestant releases her first music video as Director. 

Deana Uppal in Galat Bande

 ‘’Main Kosa Rabb Nu’’,  by Shamshad was shot in the beautiful back drop of Goa, released by White Hill Music. 

Deana Uppal commented “I have been out the public eye for a while; however these past two years have been the busiest period of my career as I have been concentrating on expanding my businesses – DKU World. My work sees me travel across the globe working across a cross section of sectors. I have set up a talent agency in Mumbai -DKU Management and also a cosmetic company which arranges cosmetic procedures for clients in UK to get the treatment in Mumbai at the lowest rates but with amazing experienced surgeons. I have learned a lot during my journey living and working in India and I enjoy sharing that knowledge and advice with people who are keen to develop their business too. I feel it is important to keep an open mind about career options and not just limit your self to one path.I am working in both a creative field and business so it is possible to keep hands in everything.

Deana added “I have always had a passion for directing and i learnt a lot being on sets as an actress.  By understanding how actors feel in front of the camera has enabled me to direct and get the best performance out of the actors. I look forward to directing more projects.”

Produced by : Gunbir Singh Sidhu and Manmord Sidhu
Song : Main Kosa Rabb Nu (Teaser) Releasing on 9th January
Artist : Shamshad
Director : Deanna Uppal
Starring : Sunny Dhillon & Disha Pandey
Project By : Gurpreet Baba
Music Director : Gold Boy
Lyricist : Shamshad
D.O.P. : Shoeb Siddiqui
Editor : Pawan Kumar (Ediframez)
Video By : Teamwork Filmz
Copyright : White Hill Music
Digitally Powered By : One Digital Entertainment