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Jazzy Jeff

EBONICS Presents THE MAGNIFICENT Jazzy Jeff Gig Review


So much for getting there early for a change.

But as we walked in the club was heaving! Kapyer & Inja were doing what they do best & that's rocking the crowd.

By about 12.30 Jazzy Jeff came on & took over.

Now As much as I try to remember what he started of with I'll be honest & say I can't remember..
It was so hard trying to keep my place at the front of the stage & everyone from behind was pushing & shoving so see the man do his magic on the wheels of Steel, so I had to make sure I was'nt getting squashed or shoved to one side by the guy next to me who keep shouting down my ear, "I love Jazzy jeff, he's F***ng Brilliant"..

But the crowd showed there love all the way thru the night for Jazzy Jeff.

In return Jazzy Jeff showed them what a class act he is!

For those people who have only heard the name Jazzy Jeff & heard the hype about him, Jazzy Jeff showed them in the way he know's best on the decks mixing Scratching, cutting it up like there was no tomorrow to "Belive the Hype"!

Overall another top night out @ the Fez Club in Cambridge.

My only moan is it's a mission getting there & back from Leicester(plus I still can't remember much of what he played, I think I was probaly in a trance), but it's worth every minute of the journey time there & back in terms of Pure musical bliss from the likes of of Kapyer & Inja & of course "THE MAGNIFICENT" Jazzy Jeff!! ;D

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