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EBONICS @ Club Fez, Gig Review

Now never having been to Cambridge before in my life, I was surprised to see
the club already buzzing with a good crowd & it was only 10.30pm.
Now my first aim was to get pass the crowd to try & find the DJ box, s
o I could say those oh so famous "I'm with The DJ" word's.
After getting pass the first set of people on the dance floor
I entered into the main room, which is where the dance floor is!
So I was surprised to see, the crowd I had just pushed & squeezed thru,
were not even in the main room.. :o


That's how packed the club was.
After finally spotting Kayper the resident Dj & promoter of the club night, I made my way thru a

 heaving dance floor, where she give me the bad news!!!
Jazzy Jeff is not coming tonight! :'(
The term heartbroken might not just be strong enough to described how I really felt.

But since I was also at the club to do a gig review & get a few snaps of the crowd as well,

I carried on with my head held high! :)

By 11pm the club was full of people of all colours & race & nationally.
Talking to people around the club, it was evident that EBONICS has a strong pull.
There were clubbers from there teen's upto what I would say was there

late 30's (maybe some into the 40's).

Kayper alongside MC Inja had the crowd rocking as soon as they stepped it to the place. ;D

It would be a safe bet to describe these 2 as the Batman & Robin (or maybe we should say say Del boy & Rodney)
of the DJ/ MC world. :P
Kayper with her skill of scratching & mixing record after record & Inja with his lyrical flow .

One of the surprises was when she pulled out the classic of all classic rap tunes

 "Rappers Delight by The Sugarhill Gang". ;D
As soon as the music had started Inja was on top of his game, with lyric after lyric, hyping up the crowd,
at this point 5/6 members of the crown busted into a old skool dance routeing, that carried on into the
 next track as well (reminding me of KID & PLAY from the House Party movie's)

Playing tune's like Hip Hop Hooray (Naughty By Nature) Chief Rocker (Lords Of The Underground),

had me partying like a madman with ants up his pants & making me wish I kept my promise to myself to sort all
 my vinyl's out into alphabetical order! :-[

At this time, a female member of security pointed my attention to another part of the dance floor was a big circle

& my first thought was "FIGHT", not that I'm a violent person or anything, but when I looked towards the centre of the circle, I was looking at a body popping & break-dance contest going on with members of the crowd strutting
there stuff & trying there utmost to out dance the person before them!


While all this was happening 2 more DJ's appeared inside the DJ stand.

Inja announced that since Jazzy Jeff Could not appear as his brother was in a serious condition in hospital,

back In the States, and that Tricka Technology (Kraft Kuts & Fi Skillz) would represent him,.

The started of there set with LL Cool J's "Doin It" instrumental & they carried on playing instrumental for the next 2/3 tracks, while they were scratching & mixing it up with a wicked combination of CD's & Vinyl's,

I & certain members of the crowd, seemed to thing that 1 instrumental is cool, 2 is pushing it, but to play 3/4 instrumental's back to back??? Sorry geezah's you might be talented, but your in a nightclub & not playing instrumental
for people to try & sing to like if they were in a Karaoke bar/restaurant! >:(

Luckily they sensed the crowd were not really into the whole instrumental thing & moved on to playing a proper club set out of which the biggest was by Terror Squad & Fat Joe "Lean back"!

After a while Kayper arrived back behind the wheels of steels scratching & mixing & the odd super fast rewind

 (now I know why they have that nickname), as she was pulling out all the stop's & proving why she is
regarded as one of the top DJ's in the country! 8-)

The music changed from Hip Hop to Dancehall & the crowd was going crazy, everywhere you looked people

were grinding, & moving to the sounds of Dancehall/ Ragga tunes.

From the sounds Of Buju Banton to Sean Paul & Elephant Man, it was just getting so hot in there that my lens steamed up & I'm not just on about the camera lens either! :P


Towards the end of the night came the slow jams, which took it upto the closing time of 2.30AM.

Personally I thought this was one of the best club night's I have been to in along time!
The crowd were dressed upto the max & were friendly & there was no wanna be gangsters or

rude boy's or rude gals in there.

With a mix of all nationality & a place where people come solely because of the music & everyone from the

door staff, the bar staff & the crowd are all chilled out,and willing to pose for a picture,
I can see EBONICS lasting a long time.

Check out the pictures from the night Here

More info On DJ Kayper Here