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Dr Gaggandeep Singh Alg from BSDO Nominated for APA 2014

Dr Gaggandeep Singh Alg
Dr Gaggandeep Singh Alg a local professional
from Wimbledon, London has been shortlisted for
the Medical Prize at the inaugural Asian
Professional Awards. Over 4,000 nominations
and votes were received this year paying tribute to
inspirational individuals from the Asian community
that contribute in every conceivable sector of
national life.

Dr Gaggandeep Singh Alg – BSC(hons) MBBS MRCP(UK), is a Medical
Registrar in the NHS. As well as working as a full time doctor he founded and
is the current President of the British Sikh Doctors Organisation (BSDO). Dr
Gaggandeep Singh Alg is a dedicated family man, Doctor and humanitarian.
The organisation has screened thousands of individuals since being set up for
medical, dental and ophthalmic diseases. It also has taught at some of the
most prestigious University venues in the UK, including Imperial College,
London. Dr Gaggandeep Singh Alg and his team have taught audiences as
big as 250 people on general medicine and surgery.

Dr Gaggandeep Singh Alg even supports and mentors individuals wishing to
get in to or are already in higher health education. He has been involved in
teaching and even organising the Royal College of Physicians MRCP PACES
exam. He has been teaching colleagues and students in his free time and on
courses helping them prepare for their professional pre- and post-graduate
medical exams.

The Emirates Stadium, London will play host to the prestigious black-tie event
on 27th November 2014, to honour the outstanding achievements of Asian
professionals nationwide.
Rt Hon David Cameron MP, Prime Minister and Leader of the Conservatives
said, “These new awards recognise just some of the many thousands of
Asian professionals who are excelling in Britain today. Whether it’s in the
court room, the newsroom or the classroom, Asian men and women are not
only providing expert services, skills and capabilities; they are delivering for
Britain too.”
Rt Hon Nick Clegg MP, Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of the Liberal
Democrats said, “For many years, Britain’s professional sectors have seemed
closed off to people from certain backgrounds. Finally, that is changing. It’s
talented people like you that are helping to make that happen.”
Rt Hon Ed Miliband MP, Leader of the Labour Party said, “An evening where
the focus is solely on celebrating the success of British Asian is an example to
the younger generation of Asian men and women in this country, who
sometimes lack role models. The younger generation will look at the success
of the nominees and winners, and I hope that they will be able to seek

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London said, “I am delighted that London is hosting
the inaugural Asian Professional Awards. For centuries, our vibrant and
diverse Asian community has been a vital part of what makes our city so
great, contributing to its economic prosperity across a wide variety of sectors
and helping to make it the success that it is today.”

Winners will be announced on the 27th November at The Asian Professional
Awards 2014 ceremony, taking place at the prestigious Emirates Stadium,