Dhol King Gurcharan Mall honoured for 50 years contribution to Punjabi music


 Panjabi Arts Council UK and Sahib Sewa Society honours Dhol King Gurcharan Mall for his ongoing contribution to Punjabi music over the 50 years and Tarlochan Singh Chan Jandialvi (poet and lyricist of legendary Punjabi folk song -Madhaniya, Hai ve mere dadhiya rabba ) for his contribution to Punjabi literature.

An event was held on Saturday 27th January 2018in Birmingham  was held to pay tribute to the elders who were the pioneers in their fields and allowed the future generations to enjoy the Punjabi culture and traditions whilst living in the UK.

Mr Gurcharan Mall arriving at the event at Babe Ke Gurdwara in Birmingham.


Mr Gurcharan Mall been presented with trophy for 50 years contribution to Punjabi music





group pic

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