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Dharam Seva Records Presents – KHALSA AID The Track


Dharam Seva Records Presents – KHALSA AID The Track

Today Thursday February 5th, DHARAM SEVA RECORDS proudly present their latest project KHALSA AID The Track. It has been created to highlight humanitarian aid work of the UK based charity, KHALSA AID. Dharam Seva Records are a non profit music label and registered charity, who help preserve the past and inspire future Sikh generations towards their roots, via the medium of music.

Dharam Seva Records were honoured to be involved in the comeback of legendary music producer Charanjit Ahuja on KHALSA AID The Track / video. The vocals are sung by Durga Rangila. Lyrics by Ranbir Singh Jagatpuri. Video by Harry Singh/Preet Singh. Charanjit Ahuja is highly respected and considered a living legend in the Punjabi music industry. In his career spanning over forty years, he’s worked with artists such as, Yamla Jatt, Gurdas Maan, Amar Singh Chamkila, Mohd. Siddique, Hans Raj Hans, Surinder Shinda, Sardool Sikhander, Harbhajan Mann, Jasbir Jassi, Pammi Bai, Satwinder Bagga, Durga Rangila and many more. The memorable hit songs are endless too.


Dharam Seva Records Presents – KHALSA AID The Track

Khalsa Aid was established by Ravi Singh (Chairman/Founder) in 1999. It’s a UK registered charity that is an international non-profit aid and relief ¬†organisation, founded on the Sikh principals of selfless service and universal love. Khalsa Aid stands by the principal of recognising the whole human race as one. It relies on many dedicated, brave and compassionate volunteers who at times put themselves in extremely difficult and dangerous situations, to be of great support to those that need it most, not only in the UK but worldwide whenever possible. Generous donors also help to make the relief program’s possible.


Khalsa Aid have provided relief for the victims of natural disasters, genocides, wars and other tragic events including – 2004 Tsunami, Panjab Drugs Project, Haiti Earthquake Relief, Somerset flood crisis, Water4Africa program, Panjab Floods Relief, relief mission to assist minorities fleeing ISIS and so many more.

I’m sure Khalsa Aid The Track will be a beautiful song, with the video hopefully opening our eyes that little bit more, as to why respect and love for all humans beings equally, regardless of colour, creed or class is so important and absolutely necessary.