TORONTO, CANADA – {August 16}- UMG and Desi Hits! have signed Canadian trio “Culture Shock” to the Desi Hits Universal label.  
Culture Shock, consisting of Sunny Brown, Lomaticc and Baba Kahn are the first signing to the DesiHits! Universal label, swiftly following the signing of Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra. 
Having recently produced remixes for Lady Gaga (Born This Way), Britney Spears (Till The World Ends), Nicole Scherzinger (Right There) and Rihanna (Rude Boy), "Ex'd Up" is the bands latest offering, before their first official release on the label. 
 CULTURE SHOCK “The anticipation for more original Culture Shock tracks since our Blackmarket album has been phenomenal and we are excited to finally be giving EX’D Up to our fans for free” 
‘Ex’d Up’ is a about the emotional roller coaster of a break up and the good and the bad of every split. The track is produced by the group and features vocals from Lomaticc and Sunny Brown. “Ex’d Up” made its official debut on August 17th on DJ Nihal’s radio show on BBC Radio One.
The track is available as a free download on Culture Shock’s official facebook page.    
DJ NIHAL [BBC RADIO 1] "'After desifying some of the biggest artists on the planet it's great to be reminded that Culture Shock are first and foremost producers and songwriters and Ex'd Up proves that they have bonafide bangers of their own,” 
BABA KAHN “We started with a very emotional track and kept true to the song. I’m very proud of the boys to come out with a track that is true to us” 
LOMATICC “I think we found that rollercoaster of emotions and captured it inside this track. I hope the fans enjoy the little twist we put into the ending”  
SUNNY BROWN “There is a raw energy to this song that hits you right away and takes you along the journey of losing the one you love. This one is purely dedicated to our fans chak de!!!!”    
ABOUT LOMATICC: Lomaticc is a singer, producer and Songwriter. At the age of 15, Lomaticc released his first single “Kini Soni” in the UK music scene impressing DJ’s, Radio Hosts and artists worldwide. With this type of early success Lomaticc was pursued by Baba Kahn to join the Culture Shock movement.  Considered the heart throb of the group Lomaticc brings a smooth R&B twist to the Culture Shock Trio. With the success of Culture Shock Two: Blackmarket and Lomaticc’s talent of fusing the east with the west the future is bright for this young star. 
ABOUT SUNNY BROWN: Sunny Brown grew up in a family of musical talent. His father provided the vocal inspiration Sunny needed. He grew up in a French/English community when arriving in Canada and music quickly became the universal language amongst his peers. Sunny has brought to the Culture Shock team a Punjabi flare which bridges the gap between eastern and western culture. Sunny Brown’s versatile voice and music production has set him apart from other South Asian singers, putting him in a category all his own. 
ABOUT BABA KAHN: Baba Kahn is without question one of Canada’s most celebrated club DJ.  His style and appeal on the scene has led to Kahn being awarded Canada’s #1 Club DJ three times. Baba Kahn has also branched out into production, recording Culture Shock: East Meets West in 2008. 
Culture Shock featured two groundbreaking world-wide hit singles “tonight” featuring Kardinal Offishall, Fatman Scoop, Sunny Brown and Lomaticc as well as the electronic smash “Shiva” that charted #34 on the Canadian Club Dance charts. 
 After the success of the Culture Shock mixed CD, Baba Kahn set out to create the highly anticipated Culture Shock 2 featuring 14 independent, self-produced tracks and secured the talents of Lomaticc and Sunny Brown for the project creating what we now know as the Culture Shock Trio.