Braveheart 2 - Surinder Sangha

Braveheart 2 – Surinder Sangha

After the Huge success of “Braveheart” which consisted of hits like "Fight" by K.S.Makhan ,"Koka" by Kaka Bhaniawala ,"Jatt" by Angrej Ali to name but a few; Surinder Sangha is now rapidly becoming a recognised producer and lyricist, is set to release his second album.


The album is entitled “Braveheart 2” and is set to release worldwide on 16th February 2012.


As well as having mammoth names such as K.S.Makhan, Surinder Sangha has taken on a courageous step of introducing a fresh and versatile talented singer, who goes by the name of Amar Singh.



Surinder introduced Amar into the industry during the summer of 2011 with a track entitled “A Tribute” to all the victims of the UK Riots.