Billo - Angel feat Jaswinder Daghamia

Billo – Angel feat Jaswinder Daghamia

Summer is officially here and with the heatwave comes one of the hottest releases from E3UK Records. 'Billo' showcases the undoubted talent of producer Angel alongside seasoned vocalist Jaswinder Daghamia.

The track brings a unique sound of tantalizing Tumbi's & catchy hooks that will quench your thirst for summer vibes. It has the perfect recipe to be the soundtrack for all summer occasions, whether it’s on holiday soaking up the sun or in the cool long evenings!The track is the first official single by Angel, although you may well have heard his talents through tracks such as Dark MC's 'Chori Chori Takna' and Popsy's 'Hyper Boli'.
Angel is a well established pianist as well as being part of the famed Kudos Roadshow.

Jaswinder Daghamia is an individual that needs no introduction, having worked with the likes of Gupsy Aujla, GV, Twin Beats, Notorious Jatt, Manni Sandhu and many more. He has mastered the classic Punjabi Folk style with his soulful voice on many a hit.

However 'Billo' will demonstrate something altogether more original, showing how boundaries can be broken with such amazing talents on board E3UK Records.
Serving a cocktail of Funky House beats and Desi Dance, 'Billo' is custom made for the sunshine and illustrates a sunlit spectrum of music to enjoy whether you’re having a barbeque or preparing for the dance floor