Behind the scenes of ‘Misused Trust’ short film project by Sikh Youth UK

Prabhjot Kaur Waraich who is a team member of Punjab2000 as well as Television presenter at Akaal TV, has recently been involved in a project called ‘Misused Trust’. The aim of this project was to produce a short film reflecting the taboo issues that Sikhs face in modern times.


  Sikh Youth UK present the film ‘Misused Trust’, directed by 13Aarta; starring Eshmit Kaur. With Maharajs Beant Kirpa they worked to make a film reflecting taboo issues we face in the UK Sikh community. Their committed team of sevadars invested time, effort and dedication in the production, which focuses on not only sexual grooming, but also drug and alcohol addictions. The passionate sevadars will be working towards making the film available by the end of Jan 2017.

Prabhot,what role did you play in this project?

  I played the role of a mother whose daughter had been the victim of sexual grooming and sexual exploitation. The film was produced to show how big sexual grooming cases are in our community and how they impact families. My team and I hope that the 55 minutes short film leaves the viewers with strong message about controversial issues. After acting this role it made me sympathise with the innocent girls in our communities and made me feel very frustrated about the people carrying out these crimes.

How do these grooming cases take place?

   We have all heard through media or other sources, that how real and prevalent these cares are. Most situations involve other parties who are outside of our community and who’s only intention would be to use and manipulate our vulnerable girls. The people behind such unfortunate events have cleverly planned ahead for every step they would take so there is no time for girl to question the situation she is being placed in and quickly that situation flips from being a trusting situation to a very dangerous situation. Many girls have fallen victim to this situation through being bought expensive gifts and believing the boys are from within our community.

  After the relationship has developed into a fully trusting relationship, that is the perfect opportunity for the boy to change and show his real intentions. They follow a step by step plan to control and use the girls for their own purposes. They use drugs and other substances to take the girls out of consciousness and then record video in acts which they have not participated in if they were fully conscious. This is then main weapon used against the girls, threatening to show parents and leak videos on internet. This is unfortunately how the girls fall prey to this cruel scheme. Girls then get used and abused, whenever the boy feels like it. They are simply like puppets in their hands. 

 What should girls do if they find themselves in a grooming situation?

   The girls are usually scared and remain silent, but that is why they follow the wrong steps, They should speak up and break the silence. However they don’t know where to go and who to talk to. There are many organisations that girls can turn to but they are unaware of them. One of the biggest organisations is called Sikh Youth UK who’s help line is available 24/7. They deal with the issues with total confidentiality and help the girls through to rehabilitation in the community and they even support other family members who need guidance on any issues. Sikh Youth UK provide support guidance and classes for all youth in the UK. 

How can parents help children avoid getting groomed?

 My personal opinion is that these kind of issues start at home when we are not giving time and attention to our children, these issues occur with our own negligence. Those people are targeting children between the ages of 13 -19 years, which is very delicate time in teenagers life, when they need more attention. Sometimes kids become fed up with parents arguments, alcoholism and fall attracted with  those strangers and the strangers fill the empty space so children start believing in them more than their own family and This is the time disaster strikes. The film will be released at the end of January and I would urge every family to watch this film and you might be able to prevent your children falling into the hands of the evil groomers.

 Here is the official teaser : Misused trust

Some behind the scenes photos