Beats by Dre ft Priyanka Chopra: I Can’t Make You Love Me Pill XL

Bollywood Bombshell?? Na, scratch that, more like
International Bombshell Priyanka Chopra does it again!!!

Priyanka Chopra At Guess London

Everyone’s favorites Desi Girl has just pulled another first of. She was the 1st female in Bollywood to buy a Rolls Royce & then the 1st to have a Pink Harley Davidson bike as well as being the first NON White face of clothing label GUESS.
Now she is the first person (From India) to be featured in the new Dr Dre Beats advert for “Beats Pill XL portable Bluetooth speaker”.

The advert uses Chopra’s 3rd single “I Can’t Make You Love Me” as the central focus for the product, so is perfect timing to keep pushing the promotion of the Bonnie Raitt classic “I Can’t Make You Love Me” going.



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