Bazaar Records Kaka Bhaniawala’s death statement

Time was taken in the release of this official document to establish the facts into this untimely death.

Kaka Parji died from complications with his liver as he was suffering from Jaundice. Whilst undergoing a routine blood transfusion as part of his rehabilitation, he became infected and subsequently passed away.

We urge Kaka’s fans and commentators to avoid speculation about his tragic death and instead ask that your thoughts and prayers focus on his family particularly his widow and three young children.

Kaka whose real name was Santokh Singh gained his nickname from his mother who speaks of his youthfulness and his childlike qualities, as he was a person who was constantly laughing and joking. These are but a few qualities that we his friends and family will sadly miss.

Kakas relation was not one of a artist and a record label but more of a brother, colleague and friend. Nothing can begin to describe the devastation of his death on all here at Bazaar Records.

Kakas contribution to the bhangra scene both in India and here in the UK is unquestionable with hits such as “Daru Pekee Pekee” "Shad Te Aashiqui" "Nachna Ondha Nai" Sahnevaal Chounk” " Dushamni" and his recent hit “Jawani”.

Kaka recognised his talent and elevation of a bhangra superstar was attributed to first and foremost his fans, the bhangra industry family, the love of the all mighty, but above all else the support of his beloved family.

Kaka who was always based in Coventry when in the United Kingdom, described Coventry as his Pind away from his Pind. He spent many hard hours in the UK preparing for his long awaited forthcoming album “Note Varna” to be released.

Due to this unforeseen tragedy this albums release is to be delayed as we are now preparing a tribute album and a series of shows with the help of all those in the Bhangra Industry starting with the first on Friday 15th May @ Pearl Suite Birmingham .

All profits from these events, proceeds and donations will be formally given to the family of Kaka Bhaniawala as our way of saying thank you for the time and memories you have left us all.

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(Please feel free to add your messages of condolence to this thread and we shall try and pass these on to his family).
 Below is an interview done by Punjab2000 a while back when Kaka seemed to be on his way to making a good recovery.

 Kaka Bhaniawala – A Short Tribute…(RIP) By Baja (