Kaka Bhaniawala – A Short Tribute…(RIP)

This is my short personal tribute, and on behalf of punjab2000, to the great singer / entertainer…
"Kaka Bhaniawala was an artiste who was born in Punjab and always had the passion to sing to audiences to this day with a voice which always be 'instantly recognised'.
His success was recognised from his vast array of performances at events all over the world. predominately in Canada, India and of course the UK.
Kaka Bhaniawala R.I.P
Having had the opportunity to interview Kaka Paaji for punjab2000, his presence always brought laughter and joy and I feel he was now making ways to reach the top with his first UK produced solo album, 'Note Barneh' with Bazzar Records (to be released).
After massive hits including Shad Ti Ashiqui Mundiya Neh, Daru Peeke and off course Nachna Ohnda Nee, without a doubt, his music will continue to be played for a long time to come ..
Our thoughts are with his family…"
RIP – Kaka Bhaniawala
(Please feel free to add your messages of condolence to this thread and we shall try and pass these on to his family).
 Below is an interview done by Punjab2000 a while back when Kaka seemed to be on his way to making a good recovery.