The film that has caused uproar in Pakistan and banned by the federal government for the second time is finally set to release in UK, 26th August.

The film that released in Pakistan, April 8th was banned within the few days of release termed as Anti Government. On 9th August the Pakistani government slapped a ban of the export of the film which has been an attempt to ban international screening. The film however is set to release 26th August across England. Maalik is a political thriller and look at the men of Pakistan’s elite special forces whose life gets entangled with the system.

A Pashtun family that escapes from the ravages of the Soviet war in Afghanistan and settles in KarachiSSG officer who undergoes a personal tragedy and starts a private security company (Black Ops Pvt. Ltd) in Karachi. His SSG colleagues keep joining the company on their retirements. An idealist school master who suffers greatly under a cruel Feudal lord and settles in Karachi and finally the Feudal Lord who becomes the Chief Minister of Sindh and unleashes a reign of terror on all that cross his path.

Maalik is a story of love, loyalty, honor, family value, idealism, courage and dignity against all odds, and across all sections of society from the poor and the struggling to the highest levels of wealth and power.

Maalik claims to be one of the biggest film ever made in Pakistan.  with the shoot spanning over 100 days and featuring three languages Urdu, Punjabi and Pashto. The film features

T55 tanks, C 130 aircrafts, MI 17 and MI 35 helicopters.

Cast & Crew

Starring: Ashir Azeem, Farhan Ally Agha, Sajid Hassan Hassan, Niazi Adnan, Bushra Ashir Azeem, Ehteshamuddin Rashid Farooqi Lubna Aslam, Mariam Ansari, Tatmain ul Qalb

Directed By: Ashir Azeem

Produced By: Bushra Ashir Azeem

Run Time: 154mins

Release Date: 26th August 2016

Distributed By: Urban Vibez