B4U Music & Roy Media UK Present ‘Hinglish Stand Up Comedy Show’


Hinglish Stand Up Comedy Show

Hinglish Stand Up Comedy Show

B4U Music is proud to announce they are the official media partners for the upcoming ‘Hinglish Stand Up Comedy Show’ which takes place in the months of April and May across the UK.

The show, which has been curated by Roy Media Uk, features three critically acclaimed comedians from Mumbai who are set to bring us a taste of hilarity from back home for the first time in the U.K.

Indian comedians Atul Khatri, Sumit Anand and Nishant (Jokesingh) Tanwar will be in a stand up show like no other taking their audience on a comical trip from Mumbai to the U.K.

B4U Music involvement in the ‘Hinglish Stand Up Comedy Show’ will seek to revive the Asian comedy circuit in the U.K with a unique, witty and unmatchable dose of humour that is close to the hearts of the Asian diaspora.

Not only will B4U Music be covering the backstage antics of the show for broadcast, but also leading up to the show the channel is showing bitesize comical clips from the comedians to give viewers a taste of what is to be expected.

The show will be touring various venues across London as well as a show in Leicester and Birmingham.