B21 & Bobby Deol

B21 – ‘1-2-B’ the new album

B21 have finally announced the full track listing for their new album simply entiltled "One 2 B"
After a gap of of  nearly 8 years, B21 are nearly ready to release their new studio album.
The album includes features Sabrina,  Bal-E, Anna, Miss Pooja, Shazia Manzoor, Young Fateh & Sardool Sikander as guest vocalist.
Bally & Bhota both have 1 solo number each on the album as well.
Another first on the B21 album is co production by Davinder Bhatti (Not to sure if that's Davy the dhol player or not)

Track                                    Vocalists                                                                             Music


1. Dil Tarkeh                         Bal-E & Bhota Jagpal, Sabrina & Young Fateh                 Bhota Jagpal

2. Banga                               Bhota Jagpal, Bally Jagpal  Feat. Anna                              Bhota Jagpal

3. Mirza                                Bally Jagpal                                                                         Bally Jagpal

4. Yaad                                 Bhota Jagpal                                                                       Bhota Jagpal

5. Singapore                        Bally Jagpal & Shazia Manzoor                                           Bhota Jagpal

6. Aag                                  Mrs Pooja Feat. Bhota & Bally Jagpal                                Bhota Jagpal  
                                                                                                                                       & Davinder Bhatti

7. Heer                                 Bhota Jagpal, Bally Jagpal, Feat. Sabrina,                         Bhota & Bally Jagpal

                                             Shazia Manzoor & Sardool SIkander                                       

8. Das Ki Kariyeh               Sardool Sikander Feat. Bally Jagpal                                      Bhota Jagpal


The album is set to have 6 video's of which 3 will be shot in India & the other 3 around the world.

As yet there is no 100% confirmed release date set on the album, but the guys are hopeing it will be out via Early May of this year.

Bhota Jagpal & Flutist
Bhota & Bally Jagpal (B21)
B21 & Lehmber Hussainpuri
Bally Jagpal & Sarangi Player
Sardool Sikander & B21