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Anita Lerches Releases ‘Sadke Punjab Ton’ Album


She embraced a culture and now is seen as an ambassador – Anita Lerche is a voice of Punjab that mesmerizes all. She continues her journey with the release of her second Punjabi album SADKE PUNJAB TON.
Sadke Punjab Ton Cover

Internationally recognized vocalist Anita Lerche embarked on a journey through India where she was first introduced to Punjabi culture. Since, she has released her debut Punjabi album Heer From Denmark.

Lerche has been touring the globe and has received numerous Awards & Honors. She has also been featured on several music collaborations.

While many may see this European’s beauty’s accomplishments as a complete chapter in her life, Anita Lerche continues to study and embrace Punjab and its richness. Her album SADKE PUNJAB TON chronicles her life experiences with the help of her respected teachers, talented lyricists, and dedicated producers.

Each song does tell a tale and Anita Lerche wants the fans to connect to her music on a deeper level. To guide you through the album SADKE PUNJAB TON, Lerche has shared a video in which she discusses each song and the various components that have gone into shaping each track.

Anita Lerche refers to SADKE PUNJAB TON as her ode to the culture that has transformed her life. “This album highlights the cultural diversity of India and portrays my love for the country,” Anita shares.

Stunning visuals showcase the true spirit of the golden era of Punjab that many have forgotten or have never experienced.

Anita Lerche’s journey forays into the love and life of Punjab. She weaves a tapestry with her voice, words, and music that will drench the listeners in the true fragrance of Punjab.

The album also introduces Anita Lerche to the Hindi speaking community with the song “India.” Aptly titled, “India” encompasses the sprit and vibrancy of the country through the eyes of this Heer from Denmark.

As the world has enjoyed the singles “Sadke Punjab Ton,” “Sammi,” and Lerche’s own composition “Merea Ranjha,” the album SADKE PUNJAB TON is now out. Get your copy today!