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Amaretto’s World DIY Event Success

On Saturday 6 December 2014, Punjab2000’s Miss Amaretto held a DIY Make Up Morning in Birmingham city centre.

Due to the success of the event and popular demand for the next one, a secondary event will be taking place on 31 January 2015.

Amaretto’s World has teamed up yet again with The Space to give you a DIY Nail Art Morning. With nail art trends leading the look, for just £7 you’ll learn a key nail art look with step-by-step instructions from Amaretto. There will be a goodie bag on arrival for every attendee , as well as a special live performance by Paola Verse. Book your tickets here.

DIY Nail Art Morning FINAL P2K



Here’s some photos from the previous event along with video highlights by PKMatharu Photography shared for Punjab2000.com

001 (425x640) 002 (425x640)

003 (425x640) 004 (425x640)

005 (425x640) 006 (425x640)

007 (425x640) 008 (425x640)

009 (425x640) 010 (425x640)

011 (425x640) 013 (425x640)012 (640x425)

014 (425x640) 015 (425x640)

016 (640x425)


017 (425x640) 018 (425x640)

019 (425x640) 020 (425x640)

021 (425x640) 021 (425x640)

023 (425x640) 024 (425x640)

025 (640x425)

026 (425x640) 027 (425x640)

028 (425x640) 029 (425x640)

030 (425x640) 031 (425x640)

032 (640x425)